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7 reasons why every business should have an Explainer Video in 2023

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Animated explainer videos can help your company get off the ground and can also attract lots of attention and customers who may be interested in purchasing the products and services you are selling. Explainer videos are a great and strategic way for businesses to boost customer engagement, product promotion, conversion rates, and other aspects of their business. A brief animated video known as an "explainer video" explains the products or services that your company offers in a simple and understandable way

The following are the reasons why you need to create an explainer video for your business to grow:

It helps boost brand awareness

The probability of a potential customer watching a brief video is higher than that of them reading a lot of text. By having an animated explainer video on your website, you may engage visitors and keep them there longer, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase. When people share interesting videos, brand recognition can increase, which can help you grow your business globally

Increases conversion rate

A video explainer could increase conversion rates on your website by up to 40%. They use this to foster greater trust and aid prospective customers in understanding what you have to offer. Sales pitches and explainer videos both function similarly. They seize the attention of your customer and persuade them to purchase your goods or services before they have a chance to ask questions. One of the reasons why an explainer video is so popular is because of its effectiveness. A website's sales and conversion rates are said to improve when an explainer video is present and you can observe it by choosing Crown Animation Studio, which guarantees to increase conversion rates on your website

Improves SEO ranking

By including an explainer video on your website, your SEO will increase. This is because Google prefers websites with videos, making video content a fantastic tool to promote your website. While being considerate of your audience's time, you may inform and entertain. There is no doubt that a video captures consumers' interest more effectively than printed material.

Viewers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an explainer video because they are more entertaining to watch and provide a solution to a problem. The possibility exists for website visitors to spend more time on the site and skip fewer pages once they begin watching a video. Animated explainer video keeps users’ interest and entices them to spend more time on the website

Video attracts attention

The possibility of a customer making a purchase increases by 80% when they watch an explainer video on a website. As a result, it is crucial if you want your website to promote purchases. It's about grabbing attention and trying to explain ideas to viewers in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. If that appeals to a viewer, then it will undoubtedly benefit your business because reading has become quite uninteresting and people actually love to watch. The qualities and advantages of your product or service can be demonstrated in an engaging and educational manner with the help of an explainer video. Additionally, it maintains customer interest in your company

Boosts Engagement on social media

Watching videos is a fun activity. In addition to being enlightened and interested, you also have pleasant recollections of the video. This feeling makes you want to share the specific video. If you want to accomplish these effects, make sure your explainer video offers information that is clear and concise about your product or service. Additionally, include the explainer video in a style that makes it simple to share on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as the benefit increases with the number of viewers

It is brief and to the point

Regardless of how intriguing the content is, a lengthy video will inevitably lose viewers as it continues to play. An Explainer video is effective because they are succinct and direct. Customers today want to obtain information quickly; they don't want to waste time reading through online pages or viewing a lengthy film in order to find the specific piece of information they need.

You may swiftly and effectively convey your message to the viewer while making sure they received the most important information by using an explainer video

Video increases traffic

As a reputable service provider, we can affirm that the focus of the modern internet market is the consumer and potential client. The market's demands and desires must be taken into account in all marketing initiatives, and your explainer video must jump on board when determining pricing and product availability.

Explainer videos frequently feature a large cast of characters who can interact with one another or exhibit a fun manner that enables people to comprehend the information being presented in the video

Final thought

Explainer videos make for the best marketing tools. They will increase sales and brand recognition for your business. Explainer videos should be used to promote your website, lay out your company's objectives and product offerings, and succinctly and humorously convey your marketing messages. Explainer videos are a great way to advertise your company's advantages, products,

and services. If your marketing strategy is clear and you know where to place your explainer films, other benefits will come effortlessly.

Collaborating with a professional video marketing company is also a wise decision since they can not only assist you in creating a video of the finest quality, but they can also advise you on the sites that will allow your videos to have the most influence. The ability to properly determine your intended audience and the platforms they are most likely to visit is in the hands of experts in video marketing. Furthermore, they could take ideas and approaches that are challenging to describe and transform them into a film that your viewers will find easier to understand.

Collaborate with Crown Animation Studio to create explainer videos that are specific to the requirements of your business


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